Yard Maintenance – Enjoy the Okanagan lifestyle and let the Lawn Sharks Landscaping handle your day-to-day maintenance of your lawn, gardens, trees, and shrubs. We offer many flexible options to fit your needs. Our crews are reliable and friendly; trust us to look after your yard all year long.

Gardening – Tired of pulling weeds? Are your plants becoming too large for their space? Lawn Sharks Landscaping can tackle these problem areas for you.

Planting – We can spruce up a yard by planting a few new plants or completely renovating the space for a new look. Annuals can add wonderful colours to any garden.

General Clean-up – Now is the time to clean up your yard, trim your trees, shrubs, bushes, etc. We complete the project from start to finish, including all work and waste removal.

Installation – We install plants, turf, trees, mulches and many more things. Call Lawn Sharks Landscaping for your free quote.

Aeration – By using core aeration in the spring you will give your lawn a great start for the season. Aeration allows more oxygen, water, and fertilizer to get to the root system. Aeration will also loosen up compacted soil to allow better root growth.

Power Raking – Done in the early spring to remove most of the thatch layer and debris in your lawn. A thick layer of thatch prevents water and fertilizer from reaching the roots.

Tree & Shrub Care – Lawn Sharks Landscaping knows their plants, shrubs, and flowers. Knowing when, and how to trim is extremely important. If you have chosen to do it yourself and you cut too much off, in most cases, it will grow back. Using proper tools and equipment help to make a job go quickly with great results.

Insect & Weed Control – Lawn Sharks Landscaping has certified pesticide applicators. All applicators will hold a current license in Landscape Integrated Pest Management. By hiring someone licensed you ensure that the correct products are used in the correct amounts.

Fertilizing – We only use professional quality fertilizers that are made in Canada.

Sprinkler Systems – Lawn Sharks Landscaping can tweak your system to cover some missed areas, or completely renovate an irrigation system to fit your needs.

Paving Stones – Correctly installing paving stones takes time and knowledge. By choosing someone who is experienced in correct installation you ensure that your driveway or walkway stays beautiful for many years.

Retaining Walls – As with installing paving stones, most of the work is done in the foundation of retaining walls. If done incorrectly, gaps will form and walls will sag.

Deck/Fence Staining – Do you have time to properly prepare and stain your fence or deck? If not, Lawn Sharks Landscaping will gladly work with you to complete your project. Don’t want to help? That is fine too, we can do it all for you as well.